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Google scholar is full of surprises

I finally set up a google scholar profile. I’m glad to say the world wide web knows me better than myself.

Last year I participated in a conference in London on contemporary political use of the Classical world. On my way back, I grabbed a copy of The New Scientist magazine for airport-airplane time. The back page had this cute question-and-answer column. When I got home, after an extremely lucky set of events {including lost and found luggage}, I jokingly said I should answer the question and with my luck streak win the 25 £. So I emailed them our answer (below).

And then I forgot about it. Completely.

Until today.

I wanted to find the the nice pdf layout of the column, but couldn’t access it. However, I found a text version on one of the academic journal access things I have from my library.

Here is the original question:

My 9-year-old son and I have noticed that skipping seems like a more efficient form of locomotion than jogging. It is quicker, less tiring and hurts the knees less. Are we imagining this or is there an explanation?And can we make it socially acceptable for me to skip around our neighbourhood? NEW SCIENTIST 241 (3216), 57-57

Ira is about 73% author, but I was nice enough to take all the credit to myself:

NEW SCIENTIST 241 (3216), 57-57

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