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Radical Translation as Transvaluation: From Tsene-Rene to The Jews Are Coming: Korah Rebellion

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Abstract: Scholars of modern Jewish thought explore the hermeneutics of "translation" to describe the transference of concepts between discourses. I suggest a more radical approach translation as transvaluation - is required. Eschewing modern tests of truth such as "the author would have accepted it" and "the author should have accepted it, " this radical form of translation is intentionally unfaithful to original meanings. However , it is not a reductionist reading or a liberating text. Instead, it is a persistent squabble depending on both source and translation for sustenance. Exploring this paradigm entails a review of three expositions of the Korah biblical narrative; three readings dedicated to keeping an eye on current events: (1) Tsene-rene (Prague, 1622), biblical prose; (2) Yaldei Yisrael Kodesh, (Tel Aviv, 1973), a secular Zionist reworking of Tsene-rene; and (3) The Jews are Coming (Israel, 2014-2017) a satirical television show.

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